Gerald Dickerson, owner of Kingpop


Gerald Dickerson, husband to a wonderful wife and two wonderfully active boys is the owner of KingPop. Gerald graduated from North Carolina Central University in 2017 with a degree in criminal justice. However, it was his love of popcorn that made starting this company a reality. A serious love- he would eat popcorn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if it was an option. When given the choice of popcorn cream, cake, or chips he always goes for the popcorn ( okay, maybe chips now and then)
Featuring traditional movie butter and kettle corn Kingpop also offers a wide variety of unique flavors ranging from caramel to banana pudding and even sweet potato. Yes, you read that correctly Kinpop features delicious flavors just like your nanas best desserts if you love popcorn and want delicious snacks chose Kingpop. A gourmet popcorn company that gives you royal quality made fresh. 
You can catch king pop at local farmers' markets or flea markets make sure you follow their social media page to get that popcorn.